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Landstuhl Medical Recruiting Center

Please note this page is intended to provide information toward commission in the Regular Army & Army Reserves in Medical Health Professions only. 
For Civilian employment please visit USAJobs.gov

Army Medical Department Recruiting Program Guide

For more information about becoming an Army Health Professional, contact:

DSN 314-486-5368 (OIC) or 314-486-6755 (Center Leader)

Commercial 06371-86-5368 (OIC) or 06371-86-6755 (Center Leader)

Cell: 0162-273-4949 (OIC) or 01622-42-3542 (Center Leader)

Email: usarmy.knox.usarec.list.9A3L@mail.mil (Uniformed Personnel)

Facebook: www.FaceBook.com/ArmyMedicalRecruitingLandstuhl

More information also is available at www.goarmy.com/amedd.html.

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Bldg. 3705, Room 105

DSN Phone:


CIV Phone:

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