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The LRMC Office of the Center Judge Advocate serves primarily as the command’s legal advisory office, and only provides individual ministerial services in the following cases: - For LRMC personnel requiring notarization of documents associated with credentialing or medical/military education; or - For patients unable to leave the LRMC campus who require immediate legal support.

For all other personal legal matters, such as buying/selling a house, powers of attorney, marriage or divorce, custody, etc. please contact the Legal Assistance offices at Ramstein (DSN 480-5911 or Commercial 06371-47-5911), Kleber Kaserne (DSN 423-8848 or Commercial 0631-411-8848), or Baumholder (DSN 531-2446 or Commercial 0611-143-531-2446).

Patients who need a Power of Attorney related to a Medical Evaluation Board should contact the Office of Soldiers' Counsel - Europe at DSN 590-4028 or Commercial 06371-9464-4028.

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