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Navy Liaison Detachment


  • The Navy & Marine Corps Liaison Office functions as the primary interface between LRMC and the Navy Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF), the Fleet, and other Navy/Marine Corps activities throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Sixth Fleet and Fifth Fleet.
  • Our primary responsibility is to facilitate access to the services provided by the LRMC health care system for our Sailors and Marines and to coordinate their further treatment, convalescence, or expeditious return to duty as required.
  • Next is to extend administrative assistance to all other Department of the Navy beneficiaries within the resources and capabilities set forth by existing policies and regulations.


  • All finance issues must be handled by the command/MTF issuing the travel orders. This includes travel advances and liquidations. (There is no PSD/CSD at Landstuhl)
  • Orders will be issued by either the service member's command of the referring MTF as per the Joint Travel Regulation (Chapter 7) and the Department of the Navy Financial Management Policy Manual (Chapter 3).
  • Meals: LRMC has a government dining facility located in the hospital that is available to patients, escorts and family members. This facility functions "cafeteria style" meaning that each food item is selected individually and charged per item. The LRMC dining facility does not offer a "Government Meal Rate."


  • Medical Transient Detachment (MTD) Barracks - Located within the LRMC compound, the MTD barracks are available to all active duty personnel at no cost to traveler or command and can also be used for active duty service members traveling on permissive/no cost TDY. Please note the MTD barracks is ONLY for active duty service members.
  • Ramstein Inn - The KMC has on-base lodging facilities located on Landstuhl, Ramstein, and Vogelweh. These facilities are operated by the USAF and are known as Ramstein Inns at all locations. Central reservations can be reached at DSN 314-480-4920 or Commercial (49) 6371-45-4920 for regular reservations.-
    • The Landstuhl facility is located inside the LRMC compound.
    • The Ramstein facility is located 6.3 km from LRMC (shuttles between LRMC & Ramstein)
    • The Vogelwegh 19.6 kilometers from LRMC (NO shuttles between LRMC & Vogelwegh)
  • Fisher House - Located within the LRMC compound, the two Landstuhl Fisher Houses provide a "home away from home" for families and patients receiving medical care at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Landstuhl, Germany. Find more information about the Landstuhl Fisher House on their website.
  • Many hotels are available off-base; distances range from walking distance to 12 km away. If you need assistance with making off-base reservations please contact the Ramstein Inn Central Reservation.
    • Note: If traveling on orders, you must acquire a non-availability letter from Central Reservation in order to get full reimbursement of the off base lodging expenses. Non-availability will only be issued if all on-base facilities are fully booked.


  • Patients/attendants/family members arriving via commercial flight through Frankfurt International Airport are recommended to utilize the commercial shuttle services to LRMC; the trip usually takes at least 90 minutes. Taxi service is also available but may cost 3-4 times as much as the shuttle service. Reservations are ALWAYS recommended for these services and are required if arriving after normal working hours, weekends or holidays. After hours pickups may require credit card. Be sure to get a receipt from the driver for reimbursement through your travel claim.
  • For aeromedical evacuations the sending MTF will coordinate with the Navy Liaison Detachment to ensure all logistics are arranged prior to the patient's arrival.
    • Transportation from Ramstein Air Force Base to LRMC for patients and attendants on an aeroevac will be coordinated via the Theater Patient Movement Requirement Center (TPMRC), neither the patient nor the attendant need to coordinate any transportation. Any additional personnel with the patient will be transported by the Navy Liaison Detachment personnel from Ramstein to LRMC.
    • Limited space is available on aeroevac flights so patients and attendants need to limit their checked baggage to no more than 70 lbs. total per person.

Required Documents:

Please ensure to bring the following items on your first visit to the Navy Liaison Office:

  • Military identification card
  • Passport
  • TDY orders for patient and attendant
  • CD with any necessary images such as x-rays, MRIs or CT scans (we will need them the day prior to your scheduled appointment)

Contact Us


Bldg. 3766, Rm. 15C108

DSN Phone:


CIV Phone:

06371-9464-5205 (Germany) +49-6371-9464-5205 (outside Germany)


Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

After duty hours please call 0162-296-4149 within Germany or +49-162-296-4149 from outside Germany.
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