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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) & Rehabilitation Clinic

The Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) & Rehabilitation Clinic offers evaluation, assessment, treatment and follow-up services for service members, beneficiaries and retirees who have sustained a TBI and have ongoing symptoms. We offer a wide range of treatment and outreach education to the community regarding injury awareness and prevention.


The LRMC TBI Program provides outcomes-based interdisciplinary rehabilitation care for patients with traumatic brain injuries and other rehabilitation needs in order to maximize functional recovery and support the Joint Warfighter mission.


The LRMC TBI Program will be the rehabilitation care delivery and training platform of choice for the Intrepid Spirit Network and Allied/Partner Nations.

Case Management

Many patients are assigned a nurse case manager for the duration of their treatment program at LRMC. The case manager will be the central point for navigating through the treatment program and will be available to:
  • review medical records, assist with clinical interviews, and facilitate appointments
  • collaborate with the treatment and rehabilitation team to monitor progress through the program
  • offer individualized health education based on personal treatment needs
  • discuss any changes made to treatment plans
  • provide coordination with previous and future health care providers

Therapy & Rehabilitation

Patients will be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team to determine treatment need. We work to maximize treatment gains by employing multiple treatment methods during a relatively short period of time so that our patients can make as much progress as possible as quickly as possible.

Upon completion of intensive therapy in the TBI Clinic, our health care providers and case managers will coordinate ongoing health care needs with providers at other locations, and at the patient's request, assist with communicating needs and abilities with commanders.

The TBI team is happy to involve family members, caregivers or significant others in the program, with patient consent. Team members can help educate family members regarding relevant symptoms, therapy, progress, and outcomes. This can be done in-person or by telephone.
The TBI Clinic also offers Telehealth appointments, when available, to facilitate care for our patients coming from afar.

Our Team

The LRMC TBI & Rehabilitation team is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of health care providers including neurologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, primary care practitioners, nurse case managers, TBI nurse educator and support staff. Access to additional specialty health care providers is available as needed.


Our Purpose

The purpose of the LRMC TBI & Rehabilitation Clinic is to provide the overall coordination of care and integration of medical services and therapeutic resources critical to the service member obtaining maximum rehabilitation benefit for concussion care. We work closely with command to facilitate return to duty.

Our Goals

  • Change culture to recognize concussion as a physical injury that must be identified, treated and tracked appropriately to prevent and mitigate persistent symptoms that may result in long-term consequences in our service members and other beneficiaries
  • Educate and train service members, leaders, medics and providers regarding TBI
  • Encourage Soldiers to seek prompt care following a potential concussive event
  • Provide state of the art, continuously improving care for service members, beneficiaries and families
  • Prevent and mitigate effects of concussion to maximum extent possible in order to optimize

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Bldg. 3737 (By the LRMC Fire Station)

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Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
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