Health Services

Armed Forces Wellness Center

Core Programs and Services

First visit for all new clients. is a one-hour appointment with a health educator:

Health Assessment Review - An analysis of a person's health status, risk for disease or injury and the ability to increase physical activity safely.
Body Fat Assessment- Using air displacement technology to obtain your body fat percentage with the industry "gold standard" COSMED Bod Pod.
Metabolic Assessment- Testing to obtain your resting metabolic rate as the baseline to tailor your caloric intake to achieve weight loss, gain or maintenance.

Follow on assistance:

Physical Fitness - Using state of the art equipment, physical fitness level is assessed and used to create
an individualized exercise program. *Bring in your ACFT results, and we can tailor a program for
performance optimization.

Healthy Nutrition - Health coaching tailored to achieve nutrition optimization and meet your SMART goals.

Stress Management- Biofeedback education using emWave HeartMath® technology to introduce stress management techniques and positive coping skills.

General Wellness Education and Unit Outreach - Our SM Es will come to your unit to discuss how to achieve performance optimization, increase resiliency and maintain a healthy lifestyle using exercise, healthy nutrition, and sleep enhancement techniques.


Upping Your Metabolism - The results class, where we discuss your initial assessments.
Fueling for Health - Healthy nutrition basics and tips for nutrition optimization.
Healthy Sleep Habits - Discuss sleep habits, sleep enhancement technology, sleep hygiene techniques, sleep journals and your self-assessment.
Stress Management - Discuss stress, stress management techniques, and conduct a self-assessment.
Performance Optimization - Techniques, tips and supporting exercises to improve your ACFT capabilities.

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6:30 a.m.–noon & 1–4 p.m. (Mon-Thu)
6:30 a.m.-noon (Friday)

Closed on Federal Holidays


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