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Regional Health Command Europe Virtual Health enables digital health care delivery between 165-plus providers across 38 specialties to patients in garrison, operational, and remote settings on three continents serving Army, Air Force, Navy, NATO, Defense Logistics Agency, and Department of State service and family members.

High-quality, comprehensive specialty care is maintained via the use of video-teleconferencing technology and advanced medical devices such as otoscopes, stethoscopes, and general exam cameras.

Referrals to see specialty care providers via telehealth can be obtained from Primary Care Providers and/or by self-referral. For further information about the program, please call our office.

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In Home Instructions



In Home Instructions (PDF)                         In Home Instructions (Infographic)


You must follow the steps carefully to ensure a successful appointment with your provider.


  1. Testing connectivity (below) with a computer or tablet with a webcam or a cell phone, with headphones (preferable for privacy)
  2. Strong and reliable internet connection.
  3. A quiet and private location - like your home or office.

Testing Connectivity

You MUST test your connection as soon as possible prior to your appointment to ensure you can connect to see your provider. Please carefully follow the steps below:

  1. Using the device and location you plan to use on the day of your appointment, copy and paste the link below into one of the supported browsers.
    Meeting ID: 441009999
    No Passcode

    ** Use Google Chrome or Firefox internet browser on a Windows PC or Android device.
    ** Use Google Chrome, Safari or Opera on an Apple device.
    **Please be aware: Internet Explorer or Edge will not work
  2. Enter your name and click "Join Meeting"
    1. If the page does not load, please skip to step 6.
  3. As the page load, allow any permissions (webcam, microphone) that it may ask for.
    1. You may have the choices to "Continue with Browser", "Use a video system" or "Open Cisco Meeting App". Select "Continue with Browser".
    2. If "Continue with Browser" is not an option or you otherwise can not proceed, please try again using a different internet browser. Contact the Virtual Health Care Coordinators (+49 (0) 6371-9464-4600) if you can not move forward or have questions.
  4. Test your webcam, microphone, and speakers on the test screen.
    1. You may need to select the camera and microphone from the dropdown menus
  5. Click "Join Meeting" to enter into the test room. You should hear & see a video.
  6. If you are unable to connect, please call the Virtual Health Care Coordinators ( +49 (0)6371-9464-4600) for assistance.
  7. Failure to test connectivity 3 days prior to your appointment may result in a cancelled appointment.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact us at DSN 314-590-4600, Commercial +49(0)6371-9464-4600, or email:

If you require assistance, contact the Virtual Health Service Coordinators at DSN 314-590-4600, Commercial: +49 (0)6371-9464-4600.

If assistance is not available, contact the Video Network Center at DSN 314-590-7778 or Commercial +49 (0)6371-9464-7778, Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. CEST for assistance on the day of your visit.

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