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News | July 20, 2022

LRMC combines women’s health services

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On July 15, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is slated to combine two women’s health services to optimize staff utilization while maintaining the same quality of care for patients in the Kaiserslautern Military Community.

The combined nursing staff from the Labor and Delivery and Mother Baby Units will co-locate to the current L&D area to form the new Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum unit (LDRP). This concept will allow patients to deliver, recover and receive postpartum care in the same room after delivery, for both vaginal delivery and cesarean section.

This provides a higher level of family-centered care while increasing comfort and familiarity with the care team. Additionally, combining the units will augment current staff levels, decrease turnovers and as a result improve overall patient safety.

“Our goal is to better serve our patients by making safe changes where possible,” said U.S. Army Col. Andrew Landers, commander, LRMC. “We are constantly evolving to meet the demands of our beneficiaries and advances in health care. These changes will not only be beneficial to our patients, but also our staff.”

With the combined LDRP, LRMC leaders expect staff schedules to allow for more training opportunities or even augment other units within the hospital.

The merger is expected to happen seamlessly with little interruption to patient care or access to care.


How will this affect me?
There will be no impact to the quality of care you receive at LRMC, simply just a change to our processes. Because labor is unpredictable, we’ll continue to maintain our current Mother Baby Unit as an “overflow” unit where recovering mothers may be transferred in case our LDRP reaches capacity. Our goal is to keep families in place for as long as possible until discharge.
as you want to be with us!

Does this affect my birth plan?
Our nurses and providers are excited to discuss and support your birth plan to our fullest ability and our focus remains on safe delivery and care for you and your newborn.

Will the visitation policy change?
LRMC visitation policy will remain: one visitor per admitted patient, in order to decrease the footprint across the hospital and keep mothers and newborns safe, along with hospital staff who are here for their care!
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