Health Services

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Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Emergency Department will not test for COVID-19 unless ordered by a medical provider.

Commanders / Supervisors should refrain from sending symptomatic Service Members / employees for testing to the Emergency Department. If a home test cannot be conducted, call the LRMC appointment line to make an appointment with the appropriate primary care clinic. Civilian employees should visit their host nation primary care manager as authorized through their healthcare plan. 


- Home tests are acceptable confirmation of COVID-19 positive result, there is no need to have a test completed in clinic. Follow Public Health guidance for isolation.
- There is no walk-in service for COVID-19 testing at LRMC. All requests for testing should be for symptomatic patients only and should be initiated by the Primary Care team. 
- Home tests can be obtained via USPS through, many local Apothekes and stores also stock home tests for COVID-19. 

Return to Work

- Non-Healthcare workers do not need a clearance to return to work, follow Public Health guidance.
- Healthcare workers DO need a clearance to return to work, but a home (antigen) test is an acceptable test. Follow public health guidance for when to test and when to extend isolation.

Emergency Visits 

Reasons to present to the ER may be:
- Chest pain, chest pressure, cardiac signs and symptoms with shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting
- Faintness, loss or change in consciousness
- Asthmatic patient not responding to albuterol
- Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, gasping for breath
- Hives, allergic response, associated wheezing

Nurse Advice Line

- Patients may utilize the Nurse Advice Line (NAL) if they would like further information on managing their symptoms or need further assistance on determining what level of care they may require.

COVID-19 Protocols

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